Float Pontoon Manufacturer Shares Fire Fighting Equipment On The Pier


The Float Pontoon manufacturer introduced that the func […]

The Float Pontoon manufacturer introduced that the function of the anti-collision equipment is to partially absorb the huge impact energy generated when the ship is docked, so as to reduce the impact force received by the dock and prevent the ship and the dock from colliding and abrading. Therefore, the impact prevention equipment must have sufficient strength, elasticity and wear resistance, and must have a certain durability, as well as easy to disassemble and repair.


The main type of anti-surge equipment is the fender. There are handguards and rubber fenders.


The fender structure is generally fixed and floating, mostly fixed. The fender is divided according to the material. The fender is made of tough, elastic and corrosion-resistant wood. Due to the characteristics of the wood, its anti-collision effect is not ideal; as the ship becomes larger and the construction of an open dock, the ship docks The impact energy generated during the time is getting larger and larger. In order to reduce the impact force on the dock, the rubber fender is more and more widely used.


There are currently two main types of rubber fenders: compression type and inflatable type. The former undergoes its own compression and shape changes after being stressed, while the latter is mainly internal gas compression, and the former is widely used at present.


The number and arrangement of fire hydrants on the wharf shall meet the design requirements of the fire department. Each fire hydrant shall be composed of an internal snap connector suitable for connecting the fire belt, a globe valve and a protective cover. Internal snap fittings and globe valves should be made of copper alloy or other materials that are resistant to fire and corrosion. Fire hoses and water guns should be made of canvas or other suitable materials. Dangerous goods docks should be equipped with spray water spray guns or water spray and spray water spray guns.

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