Float Pontoon Is A Common Accessory For Floating Docks


  The material of the floating dock is composed of high […]

The material of the floating dock is composed of high molecular weight and high-density Float Pontoon. These accessories are all reinforced materials with anti-corrosion, anti-freeze, anti-oxidation, and anti-purple thread, and are not corroded by seawater, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil stains, and aquatic organisms.


The upper surface of the pontoon body is designed with non-slip patterns, which is safe and stable; the four corners are all arcs and obtuse angles to avoid the common dangers of general cement, wood, and iron facilities.


Float Pontoon is easy to assemble, fast, flexible, and diverse in shapes. It adopts a modular structure as a whole, which can meet the needs of various landscapes. The platform shape can be quickly changed. The appearance is bright in color and beautiful in shape. The site and atmosphere are different, and the building styles are different from other materials.


Using Float Pontoon can save a lot of costs and time for maintenance, maintenance, replacement, and overhaul.

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