Features And Functional Requirements Of Floating Dock Plastic Pontoon


With the development of technology and people's leisure […]

With the development of technology and people's leisure and entertainment needs, modern floating bridges have emerged. The main body of a modern pontoon is called a pontoon, which is made of high-molecular polyethylene through large-scale mechanical equipment. The structure of Floating Dock Plastic Pontoon is similar to the old-fashioned floating bridge, but there are big differences in features and functions:

1. There is a seamless connection between the main bodies of the pontoons, and the stability is good.

2. The surface pattern design of the pontoon is non-slip.

3. Good material stability, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, strong impact resistance, etc., suitable for being placed in outdoor waters all year round.

4. After the floating bridge is completed, no maintenance is required.

5. The main function of modern pontoons is no longer an important tool for people to cross the water, but more used in scenic pontoons, sightseeing corridors, etc.

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