Do Free Standing Boxing Bags Manufacturers Introduce What Are The Fillings Of Sandbags


Sandbags are indispensable equipment for combat trainin […]

Sandbags are indispensable equipment for combat training, but the types of sandbags used have a lot of scientific and technical content. There are many kinds of sandbags for enthusiasts of different technical levels to practice. The inner liner of the sandbag should be filled according to the level of the practitioner. Now, Free Standing Boxing Bags  Manufacturers will introduce what are the fillings of sandbags?


1. High-quality rags and high-elastic sponges

The inner filling of boxing sandbags needs to be determined according to the level of the practitioner. For beginners, it is necessary to fill softer materials to adapt to gradually strengthen. For example, stuffing cloth gauze sponge, or the stuffing of boxing sandbags just bought do not need to be replaced, which will not hurt your hands and can practice skills well. Because for beginners, your nerves and muscles, muscle groups, and muscle groups have not yet formed a good cooperation period, and it is safe to hit. The soft sponge sandbag can make the practitioner relax and not worry about injury. The repulsive force of the sandbag is small. In order to ensure the safety of the beater, this training method allows beginners to focus on the movement technique with peace of mind. They can hit the sandbag with excitement, ensure the correct movement trajectory, and guide the puncher’s force to penetrate and advance.

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2. Sawdust mixed with sawdust sand

If the practitioner has mature skills, the filling can be sand and sawdust to practice hardness. Cut out sharp objects such as wood shavings) See your adaptation, and then take out 1/6 of the filler each time and replace it with the same volume of sand. Because of the high density of sand, the more it hits, the more it moves towards the bottom of the bag. If you feel good, you can replace it with one-third of the sand. In the end, your sandbags are full of sand. Your ability will become stronger and stronger. If you are not satisfied, you can gradually add iron sand (also remove the sharp and add a little pepper).

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