China Speed Stick Reflex Standing Bag Factory Introduces The Types Of Boxing Punching Bags


Training with a boxing punching bag is a great way to g […]

Training with a boxing punching bag is a great way to get rid of stress and release stress. Punching the sandbag is also a simple method of cardiovascular exercise. Below, China Speed Stick Reflex Standing Bag Factory introduces the types of boxing punching bags:


1. The straight punching bag is a bag stuffed with leather or vinyl. Although it looks simple, due to its many fitness effects, this sandbag has become a cross-training tool. For boxing and martial arts, straight boxing punching bags are used to increase the strength of blows and help practice movement and combination techniques. From a pure fitness point of view, three minutes of weight training can give you cardiovascular exercise.


2. The speed bag is one of the most versatile training tools for boxing. The speed bag is usually hung on a raised platform, sometimes between two cables. In a boxing match, you hit the speed bag with your fist. You can hit the speed bag with your fist and elbow. Practicing with a speed bag can improve your accuracy and greatly increase your reaction time. The purpose of practicing this type of sandbag is to build cardiovascular and muscular endurance while increasing speed and improving hitting skills.


3. The independent boxing sandbag has a heavy base filled with sand or water, and a leather or vinyl top, which is very similar to a straight sandbag in density and appearance. Some independent sandbags even have an upper part in the shape of a head and torso. The purpose of this training tool is to place an opponent-sized replica in front of the fighter. You mainly build momentum and muscle endurance. You also have the ability to move 360 ​​degrees around the heavy base of the sandbag, allowing you to train a wider range of shot angles and combinations.


4. Fighting sandbag is a new type of fighting fitness training tool. The fighting bag is a long and heavy bag. One function of the fighting bag is to train endurance and endurance when you cross the torso to different positions on the ground. A fighting sandbag allows you to train hammer, elbow, and body strike techniques. The weight of these bags ranges from 50 pounds to 100 pounds, so throwing them around the gym will also generate grip and core strength.

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