China Floating Pontoon Dock Supplier Introduces The Combination Requirements Of The Marina


Let the yacht berth, clean, repair, and disembark touri […]

Let the yacht berth, clean, repair, and disembark tourists and other functions. In the past, people’s concept of yacht piers was mostly reinforced concrete structures. However, due to the frequent changes in water levels, yacht piers of this structure often cannot meet the requirements. Floating piers can adapt to different water levels and always maintain a fixed distance from the water surface. Favored by many users. The designer will refer to the ship type, water depth, tide, current situation and wind wave size, and other influencing factors to design the most ideal floating yacht dock. The most economical way of building docks. However, the modular modules or pontoons can only be built for small and medium-sized yacht piers. Larger ones, such as freighter piers, require other materials with higher load-bearing capacity.


China Floating Pontoon Dock Supplier introduced that the main body of the floating dock is a pontoon. The buoys have sufficient buoyancy and bearing capacity for small and medium-sized marinas because even if the single-layer pier cannot meet the requirements, it can be added as a double-layer pier. The two sides are fixed with iron frames, which greatly increases the capacity of the pier. Buoyancy ensures stability and safety. The floating wharf using buoys as the main body can be designed with different wharves according to the size of the hull. The yacht pier can be laid with wooden planks as needed, which will extend the service life of the pier to a certain extent.

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