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The floating pontoons can be freely connected and combined into various water platforms of different shapes to achieve different functions and are widely used in the construction of water platforms. Below, China Floating Dock Factory introduces the value of floating floats:


1. The load-bearing capacity of a single floating pontoon can be as high as 350kg, and the platform built by it can allow people or vehicles to pass stably.

2. It can be freely combined into various shapes according to needs, and it is convenient to install and disassemble, and it is very convenient to transport and carry.

3. The service life can be as high as 15 years, and it does not require any maintenance during use.

4. Resistant to general acid and alkali corrosion and sunlight.

5. It will not produce any toxic substances and is green and environmentally friendly.

6. Electricity, water, and gas pipelines can be distributed on the platform constructed by floating floats without affecting the use and appearance.

7. The surface has a non-slip design, and the colors are various to choose from, which is both practical and beautiful.