Boxing Training Heavy Free Standing Punching Bag Suppliers Share Considerations For Punching Bags


Boxing Training Heavy Free Standing Punching Bag suppli […]

Boxing Training Heavy Free Standing Punching Bag suppliers share amateur practice boxing, what should be paid attention to when punching bags?


1. Prepare for bai activities, especially the arm that is hit. It is better to play volleyball and basketball before playing sandbag du, so as to achieve the purpose of smoothing blood and moving muscles.

2. Before playing sandbags, novices should first open their physical activities, especially the wrists and ankles, it is better to feel a slight fever and sweating all over the body.

3. Prepare a pair of boxing bandages, wrap your hands carefully, and wrap them up to the wrist joints, and then wear appropriate training gloves.

4. When playing sandbags, follow the principle of gradual and orderly, the power of hitting is from light to heavy, from slow to fast, and the technique is from a single technique to a combined technique.

5. Move the pace around the sandbag, shake your body, don't use your body's strength to hit the punch when you hit the sandbag, click it, click it, don't use too much force, whether it is jabber or uppercut , Standardize your movements, and experience the right focus.

6. When punching, when the punch is about to touch the sandbag, the wrist should be tight, the fist should be tight, and the face should be flat. Shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints are fully relaxed when hitting the sandbag with a wrestler and a pull. Before the exercise, the finger joints should be hot, before they can be beaten, or they can be dropped or pumped with a sandbag. After the fingers heat up, they must be hit hard.

7. The position of the fist, in addition to the fist surface should be flat, but also slightly inward, so that the fist and the forearm are integrated, so that even if the fist is not fully clenched, it will not contusion.

In addition, the contact point is the fist peak, and then the fist surface. When contacting the sandbag, do not change the angle of the fist and forearm in order to allow the fist surface to completely contact the sandbag. If the training intensity is high, it is recommended to use sandbag gloves (you can replace it with ordinary ankle brace, wear your thumb through the hole in the middle of the ankle brace).

8. When the inertia caused by the shaking of the sandbag hits you, don't use force to hit the punch, because your wrist is not enough to support the power of the rebound, it is easy to cause injury to your wrist.

The correct way is this, when the sandbag rushes towards you, you try to avoid it, you can also use the forearm to block the sandbag, and then punch when the sandbag swings back.a

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