Boxing Training Heavy Free Standing Punching Bag Supplier Introduces The Correct Process Of Punching Bag


Sandbags seem to be a very simple thing. Put sand in a […]

Sandbags seem to be a very simple thing. Put sand in a bag, hang it up, and hit it. There are many martial arts practitioners who have been hitting sandbags for many years. Even though their hands are full of calluses, they can't improve their actual combat level. They don't know the essentials of sandbags. The following Boxing Training Heavy Free Standing Punching Bag Supplier will introduce the correct process of punching bag:


1. Fixed style of play: people can hold the sandbag, and the practitioner can strike accurately. This is the initial stage so that the learner can experience the strength of fists and feet. Those with unknown kicks and the wrong force are often easily overwhelmed by the reaction force at this stage; those with unknown kicks or punches are likely to find that they are ill or weak in their push, and stand at the distance of one step forward and hit the sandbag Strike, by which you can experience the distance, the overall strength of the whole body, the penetrating power, the whipping power, the shock force, etc. If you can complete a hit with obvious skill, you will be promoted to hitting a sandbag.


2. Live sandbags: Live sandbags are harder to hit than fixed ones. When the sandbag is shaking, you may hit or hit the air temporarily, but you won't be able to send a powerful punch. Therefore, you should experience the coordination of boxing and footwork: chasing, retreating, facing, continuous, and forward hitting, and so on. It's rich and changeable, and Fang Wu's punching is wonderful. Similarly, in a kick, it should be kicked in motion, combining true and false light and heavy, and it does not have to be a heavy blow every time.

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