Boxing Training Heavy Free Standing Punching Bag Manufacturers Share Precautions For Warm-Up Exercises


Boxing training is a way for many people to exercise no […]

Boxing training is a way for many people to exercise now, so when practicing boxing, you need to warm up in advance, such as doing a few sets of snatch training or a throwing ball warm-up. The following Boxing Training Heavy Free Standing Punching Bag manufacturers share common practice notes for snatch and throwing balls:

1.Dumbbells or barbells can be used for snatch training, but dumbbell training is more recommended. As a golden action for explosive training, snatch can effectively use the power chain of the entire body. The legs, core, back, and shoulders need to participate fully to complete this action effectively. Therefore, while greatly improving its own explosive power, snatch can also exercise the body's ability to fully cooperate with the force, and correct the problem of "rejuvenation" caused by isolated training in various parts.

It should be noted that snatch is a very difficult training. Therefore, friends without foundation must pay attention to step by step. Start with a small weight, first master the technical essentials and feeling of strength, and then gradually increase the weight within a safe range.


2.Throw ball training, lie on the ground, use a large medicine ball of about 5kg, push the ball up with both hands. In the process of exerting force, the explosive power of the back, chest, shoulders and upper limbs are all exerted, and the higher the ball, the better. Try to push straight up and down, so that you can immediately push the next time after catching the falling ball.

You can also choose to throw a small medicine ball with one hand. Facing the wall, pick a slightly lighter medicine ball and throw it hard at the wall. Or cooperate with your partner for training. When training with one hand, pay attention to holding the other hand high, and protect your chin at all times as you do in boxing training.

The action of throwing a medicine ball is very close to that of punching, and the muscles that need to be mobilized are basically the same. Therefore, the medicine ball throwing training can help the practitioner to find the feeling of punching force effectively and improve his strike strength.

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