Boxing Training Heavy Free Standing Punching Bag Manufacturer Introduces The Training Steps Of Evasive Defense


The evasion technique is a main defensive method for sw […]

The evasion technique is a main defensive method for swinging the boxing head. This defensive method is to quickly complete the shrinking and diving action while the body's center of gravity drops. In the evasion, the athlete uses the head and upper body to draw a coherent semicircle movement, while slightly bends the leg and dives in the direction of the opponent's punch, then straightens up. In the process of doing this action, always keep your eyes on the opponent, and the action must be fast and powerful.


This defensive action is completed by the entire body and waist movements, and a stable posture should be maintained to facilitate the recovery of the actual combat posture and counterattack.


1. Swing from left to right to avoid left swing
Movement: A hits B's face with left-swing boxing, and B quickly squats. At the same time, the head and upper body are slightly tilted forward, using the strength of the waist and abdomen to flash the head from the left to the lower of the opponent's left arm.
a. The range of evasive movements should not be too large, nor should they squat too low.
b. Keep your eyes on the opponent when shaking, in order to fight back and further defend.

2. Swing from right to left to avoid the right swing
Same as left swing fist defense, but in the opposite direction.

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