Boxing Training Heavy Free Standing Punching Bag Factory Introduces The Precautions For Selecting Sandbags


The outside of the sandbag is made of microfiber leathe […]

The outside of the sandbag is made of microfiber leather or PU leather, canvas or Oxford cloth, etc.; there is generally a buffer layer made of EVA or plastic foam between the inside and the filling; the filling of the sandbag is generally waste yarn Head, scraps of old cloth, white canvas, and sack, etc. There are two types of sandbags, one is hanging sandbags, and the other is vertical sandbags (commonly known as tumbler sandbags). If you just want to practice boxing and exercise, you can consider choosing a vertical punching bag; if you want to become a professional boxer, you should be able to choose the hanging type. Of course, you can also choose according to your own preferences and needs. The hanging sandbag is very strong and durable, but it is more troublesome to install. It needs screws to fix the rope. The vertical type is more convenient and can be moved and placed at will. It is better to install than the hanging type.


Generally speaking, you can flexibly use your body's steps when practicing straight punches, swing punches, and uppercuts with hanging sandbags, and it is better for the flow of the body and dodge tactics to simulate actual combat. The vertical style is not conducive to the body's pace, but it is suitable for static strength training, combined boxing, and can strengthen the awareness of combined boxing. When choosing a sandbag, you should consider the size of the sandbag. If you just want to exercise and punch occasionally, you can choose a sandbag of 80cm-120cm; if you want to fight boxing or Muay Thai, you should choose a large size of 160cm or more. Sandbags. Boxing Training Heavy Free Standing Punching Bag Factory introduces the precautions for selecting sandbags.


1. The best punching bag for boxing training is usually filled hard and made of leather. The more stuffed the punching bag, the better the stability, and it can be punched continuously.


2. When training with a sandbag, stand firm and punch and move around the sandbag. After each combination of punches, make a jab and move to the left or right, dodge from one side to the other, and then counterattack. Sandbag practice should be after airstrike practice. Starting from the basic punch, gradually increase the strength.



3. To arrange the number of exercises, intensity, number of repetitions, interval time, and rest methods.

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