Boxing Sandbag Manufacturer Shares How To Do Sidestep Training


Boxing Sandbag manufacturers share how to do side step […]

Boxing Sandbag manufacturers share how to do side step training?


Side step is a step that the opponent takes a step forward or back one step outside the punching direction to avoid the opponent's straight punch attack and create a favorable attack position for himself. There are two types of side-step methods: left-side and right-side methods. The right-side step is a side step toward the opponent's right fist, and the left-side step is a side step toward the opponent's left fist.


1. Right side step When the opponent hits a right fist, my right foot first starts to turn to the right and then to the left, the left toe is the axis, and the heel turns 40 to 60 degrees to the left. Man stands outside the opponent's right fist.


2. Left step When my opponent hits a straight left fist, my right foot starts with a step to the right first, the left is enough toe as the axis, and turns 100 degrees to 120 degrees to the right. The person stands outside the opponent's left fist. The left side step is more difficult than the right side step, because the left side step is closer to the opponent's right hand than the right side step, and it is more likely to be hit by the opponent's right hand. Mastering the left footwork can use your powerful weapons to strike the opponent's abdomen and chin.


Key points: When using the left and right side steps, the two feet will not cross the steps, and the body cannot swing left and right. Sidesteps are a type of defense and part of the offense. Therefore, you should combine them with counter-attacks when learning sidesteps.

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