Boxing Sandbag Manufacturer Introduces How To Perform Foot Training


Boxing Sandbag  manufacturer introduces how to carry ou […]

Boxing Sandbag  manufacturer introduces how to carry out foot training:


1. Do interval training 2-3 times a week. Boxing is a short-term continuous and high-intensity explosive exercise. The best training method is interval training. Interval rest is to let the body rest for a short time after alternating high-intensity or fast sprint training.


2. Add long-distance running, simulated sparring, and short sprints to non-intermittent training. Most aerobic exercises are interval training, which can quickly and effectively train the explosive power of several rounds of boxing. However, move your legs during rest days. The best way is to do a mixed whole-body exercise, including long-distance running, jogging, and a small number of fast sprints.


3. Perform long-distance jogging 1-2 times a week to relax and stretch your legs. The traditional 6.5km-8km morning run still has a place in boxing training. In this way, there will be plenty of time to replenish physical strength and take appropriate rest to better carry out subsequent skill training. When you are jogging, keep your hands in a defensive position at all times, and occasionally imitate punches to warm up your arms.


4. Carry out skipping training every day. It can enhance your heart function, improve limb flexibility, and exercise your scheduling ability and coordination.


5. Carry out agility training, such as ladder exercises, or fast pounce. As your agility increases, you can disrupt the regular rhythm. For example, each foot jumps in the same place twice and then alternately, or jumps up and down or back and forth on a ladder.


6. Pay attention to good footwork skills. Proper footwork can not only exercise your cardiorespiratory function but also develop a good punching state. Put your standing weight on the forefoot. The forefoot is the "knob" of your toes. Putting the center of gravity on the forefoot is conducive to more sensitive rotation and movement. Keep your spine straight. Avoid hunched over. This keeps your center of gravity balanced and makes punching movements more fluid. Relax your upper body. You need to relax your shoulders and chest muscles.

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