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7 advantages of using free standing boxing bags :


1. Enhance cardiopulmonary function, because punching a boxing bag is a very good aerobic exercise method, but there are not many people who take this exercise method, so this will not be explained in detail.


2. Strengthen muscles and strength. Generally, the weight of a boxing bag is more than 10 kilograms. At the same time, when you hit a boxing bag, you not only swing your fist but also need to move your arms and body. Uppercuts work your arms and back, and straight punches work your chest and shoulders, which will build your muscles and strength, especially your upper body. And the correct boxing posture can make your waist and legs connect with the ankles to move together, and then combine the arms and shoulders so that your whole body muscle groups can be exercised.


3. Improve balance and coordination. In hitting the boxing bag, the swing of your body will transfer the body's center of gravity from one leg to the other and back again. You need to keep your body balanced at all times during exercise. At the same time, the combination of punches and footsteps can enhance your coordination.


4. Relieve anxiety and stress. As an aerobic exercise, it can make the body secrete endorphins and dopamine, which can improve mood, which will make you feel self-satisfied and happy after exercise. These hormones act as "natural antidepressants," reducing depression, stress, and pain.


5. Improve self-defense skills. Being able to hit a heavy punching bag is about the same as being able to hit a big, strong opponent. Because the sport of hitting the boxing bag is practiced repeatedly after a combination of several movements. After this kind of repeated practice, you can use your boxing combination to make an effective counterattack at the first moment of danger, and at the same time, your flexible pace helps you dodge the opponent's attack.


6. Improve concentration. As mentioned above, when hitting a boxing bag, you need several movements to be combined into one movement group, or several movement groups for training. When you are a novice, these movements are not your muscle memory, you need to keep your focus on punching and body movement according to your own movement group every time you practice, it is not like you can listen to music while running. You can also change or grow your reps as you get used to them.


7. Boost your self-confidence, whether you keep hitting the boxing bag to lose weight, build muscle strength, or gain better self-defense defenses and a happy mood, as well as improving your shape and appearance, this will boost your confidence.