4 Common Floating Pontoon Dock Materials


The yacht marina is composed of embankments, mobile lad […]

The yacht marina is composed of embankments, mobile ladders, slopes, main floating docks, positioning piles, branch channel floating docks, water supply, up and down water ramps, boats, and hoisting devices. Below, let's take a look at 4 common Floating Pontoon Dock materials:


1. Steel structure
The steel yacht marina is one of the more popular yacht marinas on the market. Generally, there are three types of steel yacht marinas. Plastic floating box + hot-dip galvanized steel structure + anti-corrosion pine board + guide rail + other components.
Plastic board + hot-dip galvanized steel structure + plastic board + guide rail + other components. Plastic plate + hot-dip galvanized steel structure + hardboard + approach bridge + other components.


2. Concrete
The thin-walled concrete yacht marina is filled with a polystyrene foam box, and the surface is covered with reinforced concrete above.


3. Aluminum alloy
Aluminum marinas will get better and better. Compared with traditional yacht marinas, aluminum alloy yacht marinas have more advantages. Good anti-corrosion performance, convenient transportation, and installation, and large bearing capacity make it possible to install it at one time. Even if the pontoon and panels are in disrepair, only need to replace some parts, and the aluminum alloy piers will be reborn again. After years of technical research, it has absorbed the successful experience of foreign aluminum alloy wharves. A new type of aluminum alloy yacht marina has been developed. The new yacht marina is made of nautical-grade 6061 aluminum alloy, T6 heat treatment, and MIG welding. Through scientific treatment of outdoor anti-corrosion wood, plastic wood, Pontianak, and another decking, the oxidation resistance and resistance of the frame are enhanced. Corrosive, imported outdoor anti-corrosion pine can be used. Through strict inspection, the product quality is close to the foreign advanced level.


4. Barge
Freighters are rectangular flat-bottomed boats. Since it has no power plant of its own, it cannot be called a ship. It is usually fixed on the shore, or anchored at the center of the river, as a floating dock for water floating warehouses or auxiliary ships. According to the mature development technology of cargo ships, a brand-new cargo ship marina has been developed. These two types of yacht marinas can be divided into two types: concrete structure and steel structure. The size, specification, and style can be tailored according to the customer's experience. Can adapt to a variety of different water, flexible installation, easy to move, can be equipped with a new type of solar lighting device and fire protection system. It can be parked temporarily and can also be used.

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